• SEMAT General Construction
    SEMAT General Construction
    SEMAT is the ideal partner for industrial and civil construction and steel plants management.
  • Construction of industrial plants
    Construction of industrial plants
    Construction of industrial complexes for the steel, energy, mechanical, petrochemical and ecological sectors.
  • Construction of Infrastructures
    Construction of Infrastructures
    Semat is a real reference on the market in the public works sector.
  • Industrial Services
    Industrial Services
    Industrial Services, management and maintenance of industrial plants

SEMAT General Construction

SEMAT has over thirty years of experience and specialization in industrial construction, in the engineering and construction of infrastructure works.

Established in 1981 by Italian entrepreneur Sergio Trombini, today Semat is the civil engineering and general construction branch of the Fintro Group. The solid and steady growth of the company over the years is mainly due to its ability to diversify its fields of specialization and expand the range of services offered. Semat is a leading company in the construction of industrial and infrastructure works configured to operate in the international arena.


Sectors and Services

SEMAT is the ideal partner for industrial and civil construction and steel plants management. Continue

Industrial construction Construction of industrial plants Continue
Infrastructures Construction of Infrastructures Continue
Civil Construction Civil Construction Continue

Civil Construction

Semat is well-prepared to conduct luxurious residential and tourism building interventions and to monitor all phases necessary for their execution: research and acquisition of the areas, architectural and final design, and management of building sites up to the sale phase.


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Browse our project portfolio and discover some of the best jobs we have completed for the construction industry. New constructions, redevelopment and revamping of existing plants, infrastructures, maintenance services, industrial cleaning, transport and logistics.

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