Reconstruction of the Cagnola Basin - Tank L

Regional construction works for the reconstruction of the Cagnola Basin - phase 3 Tank L2.

Commissioned: I.A.NO.MI. SpA
Opera: Cagnola Basin
Category: Energy
Year: 2012
Place: Rho (MI)

The works for the hydraulic reconstruction of the Cagnola Basin in Rho (a short distance from Milano) were completed in August 2012.

The project, promoted and supervised by the Lombardy Region as part of the “Sistemazione dei collettori fognari del polo fieristico esterno” (renovation of the drainage network along the external area of the trade fair and exhibition complex) specifically concerns the detention tank L2, used to manage the rainwater collected from the drainage system for the Mazzo di Rho district and the industrial area south of Arese.

The project involved the construction of a reinforced concrete underground cistern for the collection of rainwater, connected to an open air expansion basin (approximately 13 thousand square meters) by means of reinforced concrete box culverts and round pipes. The excavation of the basin was waterproofed with clay and bentonite sheets in order to collect the excess water coming from the cistern.

Once an atmospheric event is over the water collected can then flow in the opposite direction through special drainage paths located below the basin floor.

Geolocation Work

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