Construction Corna hydroelectric power plant in Darfo Boario Terme

Construction of civil works for the Corna hydroelectric power plant.

Commissioned: Linea Energia SpA
Opera: Corna Hydroelectric Power Plant
Category: Energy
Year: 2011-2012
Place: Darfo Boario Terme (BS)

The Corna hydroelectric power plant was commissioned at the end of December 2012 in Corna, a district of Darfo Boario Terme. The plant was commissioned by Lgh Rinnovabili Srl and consists of two synchronous three-phase turbine generators and all relevant auxiliary equipment and electrical systems. The new power plant is designed for an annual production capacity of 2,628,000 kwh and Semat carried out all the civil works for the rerouting of the water flow conveyed by the Aiguale canal. The structure was built near the discharge canal of the Darfo power plant, the water of which is now used to power the Corna power plant. The discharge water was conveyed through a new 360 meter long and 2.10 meter diameter concrete pipe passing under the existing canal constructed using the pipe-jacking technique. Upstream of the outlet in the Oglio river the pipe has a junction with another one made of iron, parallel to the watercourse and connected to the new power plant.

A new Enel station was also built near the plant to receive the energy produced and deliver it to the distribution network. The Corna plant has diffusers that convey the water that has passed through the turbine to the river.

To minimize the environmental impact of the project the structures were buried.

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