Construction of the Valtorta hydroelectric power plant

Construction of the civil works for the Valtorta hydroelectric power plant.

Commissioned: Idrovaltorta Srl
Opera: Valtorta Hydroelectric Power Plant
Category: Energy
Year: 2011-2013
Place: Valtorta (BG)

The Valtorta hydroelectric power plant was built on the waters of the Stabina and Caravino streams, in the municipality of Valtorta in the province of Bergamo. The plant was constructed by the temporary association of the companies Semat and CMM srl and commissioned by Idrovaltorta Srl.

ATI was entrusted with the supply and installation of the steel pipeline together with all related civil and earth moving works. The works for the installation of the two pipelines began in December 2011.

This was a particularly difficult intervention due to the morphology of the area which required significant organizational and logistical efforts: in fact one of the units is only accessible by means of a footpath. To facilitate the transport of material on site, the support of the Elimast helicopter fleet (a Sergio Trombini subsidiary) was critical.

The first segment of the pipeline was laid with a Kamo excavator and the help of a winch to prevent slipping down the slope. The pipeline then meets the bed of the stream and runs through it for more than half a kilometer.

Geolocation Work

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