Sectors and Services

SEMAT is the ideal partner for industrial and civil construction and steel plants management.

The company's strength is its ability to research and fine-tune, with regard to specific requests, the most suitable solution for the customer's technical, economic and strategic needs. Quality service and safety at work are the basis of Semat's business strategy. Active for thirty years in the construction sector, the company specializes in the construction of industrial complexes, manufacturing plants, steel plants, infrastructure works, and refractory and mechanical maintenance.

Sectors, Categories and Skills

Semat has divided its international general construction activities into three main sectors.

Industrial construction Construction of industrial plants Continue
Infrastructures Construction of Infrastructures Continue
Civil Construction Civil Construction Continue

Civil Construction

Semat is well-prepared to conduct luxurious residential and tourism building interventions and to monitor all phases necessary for their execution: research and acquisition of the areas, architectural and final design, and management of building sites up to the sale phase.

Service Industrial Services, management and maintenance of industrial plants Continue


With over 30 years of experience and specialization in the management and maintenance of industrial plants Semat provides its customers with the most complete and competitive services for the steel industry.